The second tram line in Nice (T2) is finally connecting Nice airport to Place Masséna and the old town. This is a significant improvement for anyone visiting the city as it will now be faster and cheaper to reach the city center. The tram is easily accessible from Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, as there is a separate stop at each terminal.

tram t2 nice map

The tram ride from the airport to the city center is pleasant and takes about 25 minutes

Tram Operating Hours

Line 2 of the tram runs from 6:10AM every day. It runs until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays but only until 7:49pm on the remaining days (Monday-Thursday and Sunday). There is a replacement bus in the evening on the days when the tram doesn’t run, however it’s not frequent. See the table below for more details.

horaires tram t2

Where does the tram stop in town?

As of July 2019, the new tram line ends at the Jean Médecin stop, which is located by the Nice Etoile shopping center (corner of Boulevard Victor Hugo and Jean Médecin) and about 500 meters away from the Apollo statue at Place Masséna. In September 2019, a further three final stops will be opened connecting the airport with place Garibaldi and the port.

jean medecin station inside

Several stops of the T2 tram line in the city center are deep underground and really feel more like the subway

From the Jean Medecin tram stop, you have another five minute walk to Place Masséna. Alternatively, you could take tram T1 (from the same stop, but overground) down one stop to Place Masséna or anywhere else on the T1 line.

tram t2 to massena walk

What is the cost?

Tram tickets, are the same as normal bus tickets in Nice and are 1.50 Euros, and you can get a pack of 10 tickets for 10 Euros (working out to 1 Euro/ticket).

ticket multi voyages lignes d'azure

ticket machine

Before the T2 tram opened last week, the best public transportation option from the airport was bus 98, but it has now been suspended. The tram is cheaper, more modern and faster!

tram t2 gates